Hunter Early Leveling Guide – Get to Level 10 Quickly

In the World of Warcraft world Hunters are some of the best DPSers (damage dealers) and have the ability to deal incredible amount of damage from up to 41 yards. They are also able to tame pets to serve as there companions and fight alongside them. This ability makes Hunters one of the easiest classes to level up. This short guide will help you level up quickly and explore all the interesting aspects of playing a Hunter.

During the early levels, levels 1-10, Hunters have a bit of difficulty leveling because they do not yet have a pet to tank and do some extra damage for them. There two main ways to gain experience, questing and mob grinding.


At the early levels, questing is quite helpful for speeding up your leveling time. The best quests are the ones that require you to kill a certain number of a certain type of mob. These are great because you get experience from killing the mobs and from the quest. Other good ones are the ones that have you collect loot that drops from certain mobs for the same reason as above. Avoid any quest that asks you to run around or do anything other than fight. These are generally a waste of time and the rewards are usually not worth much at all.

Mob Grinding

At these levels you should target mobs (enemies) that are at the same level as you or one level below you. These mobs give you the most experience for the least work. Each combat should follow roughly the same format:

  1. Put Hunter’s Mark on your enemy. This will not cause them to attack you and it will add a little bit of damage.
  2. Hit the enemy with a Serpent Sting. This will do DOT (Damage Over Time) and will damage the enemy over the course of the entire battle. Doing this at the beginning of the battle will allow it to do the maximum amount of damage.
  3. Use Arcane Shot to do some added damage. The extra damage is not much but it can not hurt and will help maximize your grinding speed.
  4. Leave on your Auto-Shot ranged attack until the enemy is too close.
  5. Finish the mob off with a combination of spammed Raptor Strikes and simple melee attacks.


As a Hunter gear is important because it plays such a large role in your DPS, especially before you get your pet. At these early levels you should always check to see if you have the best 안전토토사이트 bow or gun available every time you return to town. Make sure your arrows or bullets are the best you can buy because these will increase your DPS and improve your leveling rate. Melee weapons are secondary to ranged weapons but pick up the best ones you can afford so that you are not completely dead in the water when a mob reaches you.

After level 10 you will be able to get your first pet. Once you do this your strategy will change as you incorporate your pet’s abilities into the battle. Until then this method will help you get past the boring beginning levels and into the more exciting and interesting parts of the game. The later levels bring many confusing aspects of Hunter play. One of the best things to do is to look into Hunter class guides on the internet. These will guide you through leveling, talents and builds, pets and gold. They run around $30 and are a great investment.

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