What are the possibilities to hold APPL shares in the stock market?

If you are interested in investing to buy stocks like APPL stock in the stock market, you should be ready to face whether it makes a profit or loss. Those people who have invested in the stock market both beginner and also experienced person they might know the name Warren Buffet who is the most significant investor in the stock market. Still, his market share will always be high; for example, the current value of a single share is 223 US dollars. He would always say that not to lose while investing your money. And total shares he has to be sold with their investors ranges up to 151 billion that are valued at fourteen billion dollars. This calculation is done by September 23rd. 

Does warren have APPL shares with him?

Yes, of course, buffets one of the largest investments in the stock market is in APPL in which he maintains a 23 per cent portfolio. While evaluating his apple stock to dollars, he would earn seven billion dollars. By this we could know how vital APPL shares are is. Even in the upcoming years by launching new technologies and their company products, they would earn a lot by increasing their market shares. We can see that consumers who come forward to buy iPhones they are ready to pay how much the mobile cost.  

Why are people buying apple mobile phones, even though high costs?

 There are different types of android mobiles. And there are different brands in that they are manufacturing android mobile phones. In that case, the iPhone plays an essential role in the industry. Here there is no other company to replace or to defeat the iPhone. In that case, people do not get any other option to get high security to protect their important documents, photos, videos, and other files.  

Does apple give dividend for their stockholders?

In the rise of the stock market, there are no more rules that a company should give their profit as a dividend to its stockholders. But in the year 2018, APPL has shared their profit in stock markets for those people who are having their shares. Some company will use their profit to further investment. At the same time, we cannot expect they would offer divided in further profits. When you are holding APPL stock, you need not be too worried about the loss. If there is any decrease in stock price, then it will not affect more the stockholders whenever the demand maintains for the mobiles in the market until shares will not decrease in its price. Before investing you should think that you are not the first person to invest in apple, those more prosperous businessmen like bill gates and FB also having stock with a cost of billion dollars. You can get more information like balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-aapl. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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