Time To Make Way for the Acer Iconia Tablet Family

What is an Acer Iconia Tablet?

If you’ve stuck your head out in to the computer tablet world, there is a good chance that you’ve picked up some hype surrounding the Acer Iconia tablets. With all of the new tablets making their way to the market it can be difficult to decide what tablet will best suit your family. Fear not, because this acer tablet review will jump start your knowledge of tablets.

Acer Iconia Tablet #1 – A100

If you are looking for a smaller tablet that maximizes portability then the Asus Iconia a100 may just be the tablet you’ve been looking for. This tablet features a 7″ HD (1024 x 600) touchscreen with a NVIDEA Tegra 2 dual-core processor. The Acer Iconia a100 also features one of the latest android honeycomb Operating systems. The CPU allows for a good gaming experience and up to 4.5 hours of use without the need for a charge.

Acer Iconia Tablet #2 – A500

This tablet is another great choice particularly in the areas of price and features. This tablet is reasonably priced (cheaper than iPad and MOTOROLA XOOM) with a lot of features that make for a good all around tablet experience. The a500 is very similar to the a100 but includes a 10.1″ HD screen with a larger viewing angle.

Acer Iconia Tablet #3 – W500

The latest advancement in the Acer Iconia series is the Acer Iconia w500. This tablet is unique in several ways that may sway your decision. First, the w500 does not run on the honeycomb android OS. Instead, it uses the Windows 7 OS which makes for a very interesting experience that some users may prefer to do the capability. Furthermore, this tablet features an expandable dock that is becoming a priority ucdm youtube in some of the top tablets on the market. This feature allows the user to use the tablet like a netbook at home, yet still a tablet for on the go.

No Tablet is Perfect:

While each tablet is unique and can provide the user with a fantastic experience, there are always issues to be aware of with any tablet. For the Acer Iconia a100, users tend to dislike the small amount of viewing angle. Furthermore, the battery life is not excellent for a 7″ tablet and if you’re focusing on find a tablet that is travel friendly you may not like the a100.

While the a500 features a good all around experience, it does sport the typical android wi-fi connection problems that seem to be weak compared with other media devices. You may find that this tablet is extremely similar to the competing MOTOROLA XOOM, however the XOOM is more expensive but has been around longer.

While many would consider the w500’s Windows 7 OS to be a pro, it could also be viewed as a con for the tablet. Windows 7 was not made to be used as a touchscreen OS and this shows as the user experience is lessened. Also, the dock that was designed for the Acer Iconia w500 seems to cause frustration to some users. While the dock idea is excellent, if you are solely looking for a tablet that offers this accessory, we recommend taking a look at the Asus Transformer Prime.

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