Common Web Design Mistakes

Bad Navigation

You want to make sure your users do not have any trouble finding information. It is a good practice to have a set of your main links at the top of the page as well as the bottom. It is more convenient for your users to click on a link at the bottom of your page than to have to scroll to the top of the page.

Create drop down menus. Your visitor should not have to click on one page in order to find a link to navigator to another page. Users will get frustrated and leave if they can not find what they are looking for.

Slow Loading Pages

I do not know what is more annoying than going to a website and waiting for it to load. Visitors do not want to wait for their information. We live in a fast pace world and want everything immediately.

High quality graphics and rich interactive media is the number one course for slow loading web pages. I know your website will look more attractive with these rich graphics but it is not worth it. Export your images at a lower quality to achieve faster loading pages.

Unattractive Color Scheme

This is an important and underrated area in web design. You want your visitors to feel comfortable. Do not design dark web links your website so that it is a strains their eyes. Have warm attractive colors that compliment each other well.

Do not use bright backgrounds. Having a red, yellow or green background can draw to much attention from the users and they will be distracted from what is important on the website. In addition, do not use dark text on a dark background. You should make sure your text is easy to read and is more prominent than the background.

Page Layout

Be consistent. Consistency is important. Do not make each page different. Make sure they all look the same and the navigation is always in the same location. Have the important information located at a section that is easy to find and do not forget to have a common theme throughout the site.

Sideways Scrolling

Most developers are aware of this web design malpractice. I do not see many websites where the users have to scroll horizontally. If they have to they most likely will not scroll and could miss valuable information.

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