Low Carbohydrate Diets Help to Control Blood Glucose Levels

There are many controversial areas of diabetes and one which is mentioned time and time again is that of a low carbohydrate diet which many believe assists with controlling and reducing blood glucose levels. The reality is that reduced carbohydrate intake does have a material impact upon your blood glucose Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula levels but what else do you need to take into consideration when looking at low carb diets?

Reduced energy

The simple fact is that carbohydrates, along with an array of other proteins and fats, are broken down to create glucose which is carried around the body by your blood. There are many who believe that moving to a low carb diet, or in some circumstances a very low carb diet, can be too much for some people and will reduce their energy levels and overall enjoyment of life.

There is also evidence to suggest that low carb diets, because they reduce glucose levels in the blood, help with weight loss. The fact is that the lower the levels of glucose being pumped around the body the less likelihood of weight gain and if you carry out the same activities as you did before then moving to a low carb diet should help you to lose weight.

Safety of low carb diets

There is some concern within medical circles with regards to the safety of low carb diets because they are known to bring on headaches, fatigue and in many cases a lack of concentration which can bring on other ailments. The reality is that we need to balance our intake of carbohydrates against our blood glucose levels and more so for those with diabetes.

There is also a chance of nutritional deficiency if you simply cut out many of the proteins and fats which you need to remain healthy – at which point your body can begin to burn excess fat to a level which is unhealthy. Every now and again we see diet fads for diabetics and others who suffer from specific ailments and while many of these are based in fact, very often in principle they are different.

Working with your doctor

If you are diabetic and take medication then it can be very dangerous to change your diet to such an extent as to take on a low carb diet. Indeed, in theory any diet which you decide to try should be mentioned to your doctor before you even begin to change your eating habits. Sometimes what seems healthy on the surface may impact your health further down the line and, as we suggested above, it is best to find a balance.

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