Discover Charity Cars – Budget-Friendly Vehicles at Weekly Auctions

Looking for a vehicle, but on a budget?  Keep an eye out vehicles at charity auto auctions.  Many car donation charities hold weekly auctions where they sell vehicles of all makes, models, and conditions at deep discounts.  These auctions are open to the public but oftentimes are a hidden secret within the automotive industry.    If you’re tight on cash, these auctions could be great way to obtain a vehicle at an inexpensive price.  The average price of vehicle sold is anywhere between $800 and $1000, with many vehicles selling under that price point.

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So where do these vehicles come from and how are they able to be sold so cheaply?  It all starts with a charity.  Non-profits rely on fundraising campaigns to keep their organization running and car donation programs are just one method of fundraising that they participate in.  When a charity receives a donated vehicle, it is then scheduled to be sold at the charity auto auctions.  These public auctions normally take place every week or every two weeks.

The vehicles up for auction are so reasonably priced for a couple reasons.  The first reason is because the charity wants to them to sell quickly – the faster the vehicles sell, the quicker the charity gets more money to support their cause จำนำรถยนต์.  The other reason is the vehicles are in all shapes and conditions, ranging from old and not running for years to used, newer models that need a little bit of TLC, but are otherwise in good, drivable condition.  In addition, many times there are no reserves on the cars up for auction and the auction is willing to take any fair price you offer.

In fact, there are such great deals to be had at these public charity auto auctions that these auctions attract local used car dealers who know they could buy and resell these vehicles for a good profit at retail.

Charity vehicle donation programs are an ideal win-win-win situation.  The donor of the vehicle wins not only because the charity will remove an unwanted vehicle from their possession, but because they also receive a deduction on their taxes.  The charity wins because they receive more money to help support their cause.  And finally, people like you win by scoring a super reasonably priced vehicle that would be hard to find elsewhere.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive used car, consider a donated vehicle and the bargains to be had at public charity auto auctions.

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