Alternative Metal Trends for Women

Many women are great in embracing new trends in fashion and jewelry. In fact, the majority of products in the fashion industry are created and targeted for women. And by comparison to men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry and accessories are greater in number not just in available designs but also in the frequency of new styles being released each season.

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It is only expected that the jewelry market, though primarily been targeted to men, is now seeing the great potential of getting a slice of the female consumer market. With the advancements of techniques in manufacturing and materials used to craft high quality metal jewelry for women, retailers can now maximize their inventory and take advantage of metal jewelry to help female customers enhance their style for a fraction of the cost jewelry for women.

Fashion experts dubbed 2011 as the year of stainless steel jewelry because it has been a great alternative metal jewelry for men. And even in women’s fashion, stainless steel jewelry proves to be a great choice for high-end designers who are exploring the trend of alternative metal jewelry for women.

Here are some of the trends in alternative metal jewelry for women predicted to be popular this year:

Bold and Massive

Alternative metal jewelry, especially stainless steel jewelry, is very versatile when it comes to design accents and details. Stainless steel jewelry, in particular, can be crafted in any number of ways that can create statement pieces whether by utilizing texture, shape or sheen. Large stainless steel jewelry for women will cost far lower compared to a piece with the same size but made in silver. Most people may not be inclined to have large alternative jewelry as they tend to possess more surface area which is susceptible to scratches and dents. But stainless steel jewelry and other alternative metal jewelry for women are very durable and is capable of withstanding wear and tear that results from everyday use, no matter how big the jewelry may be.

Geometric Shapes and Solid Metals

The dramatic geometric pendants and bangles have the perfect mix of vintage-modern style, more so, when crafted as a solid alternative jewelry for women. The use of shapes and form as design details combined with hue and sheen creates alternative metal jewelry for women that are pronounced and attractive even at a distance. Titanium and stainless steel jewelry are alternative metal jewelry that can be crafted in different sheens and textures making them perfect for customers who want variation from the classic metallic grey.

Crystals and Gems

No women will settle for an all-metal accessories collection. Sparkle for this year is expected to be supplied by natural crystals, rhinestones and Murano glass. Unlike other alternative metal jewelry for women, stainless steel jewelry is still versatile enough to be incorporated with crystals and gems without compromising durability and strength. This particular characteristic of stainless steel jewelry is what made it great for both men and women.

The continued popularity of jewelry for women suggests that another fashion revolution is eminent. With consumers’ changing perspective towards the value, those in the jewelry industry (retailers in particular) should explore other venues and trends, like alternative metal jewelry, to ensure continued growth and staying power in a highly competitive market today.

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