What Is Vision?

“Where there is no vision the people perish….” Proverbs 29:18

Vision is a crystal clear mental picture of a preferable future that God has communicated to an individual. The individual becomes so committed to the vision that he or she will pursue it despite any obstacles or challenges. Vision is the ingredient that launches an individual out of his or her place of stagnation and into forward action. Vision demands change.

Where are visions birthed?

Visions are birthed in the heart and mind of an individual that is frustrated and tired of the way things are in contrast to the way they believe things could and should be.

  • It was the vision of equal rights for all individuals that inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to crusade for Civil Rights.
  • It was the vision of a new nation of people that led Abraham to leave his homeland to follow God to an unfamiliar land.
  • It was the vision of greater discovery Vision 20 reviews that motivated George Washington Carver to discover over three hundred different uses for the peanut.
  • It was the vision of becoming a fisher of men that led Peter to leave his fishing business to follow Jesus.

Vision is the engine that drives progress.

Who designs a vision?

What could possibly be more satisfying than knowing the God of the universe has designed you with a unique vision to impact the world? His vision for you is not a one size fits all, but it is uniquely fashioned to fit you. No matter who you are, what country or continent you live on or what side of the tracks you are from, you were created with a specific vision that no one in this world can live but you.

I don’t care who tries to imitate your vision, they will never be able to live it effectively. Even if they follow it step by step and word by word, they will never be able to execute it the way you can. The tragedy would be if you live your entire life without ever living the fullness of your designed vision.

What happens when you realize your vision?

Regardless of where you are in life or how old or young you are, you have a unique vision that if implemented will have a powerful impact in your home, community, city, state, nation and ultimately the world! The desire to impact lives will empower you to move past the failures of yesterday, the excuses of today and the fear of tomorrow. When you truly realize your vision from God, it will become your life’s GPS.

  • It will give you the correct directions and coordinates to follow.
  • It will let you know where you currently are and what turns you need to make to get to your destination.
  • It will give you the inspiration and motivation you need when it seems everything and everyone is against you.
  • Your vision will expand your thinking, increase your sight and elevate your walk.

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