The History of Who is Caribou

One of Canada’s most enduring and popular musical anthems, who is caribou charts the singer’s long-awaited return to the limelight. Born in Kingston, Ontario, the youngest of four children of a long-term singer and actress, Carol Chanler was encouraged and inspired by her mother to focus on a musical career early in life. She appeared in a series of plays and musicals as a child and grew up singing in both her father’s and grandmother’s bands, before settling into both vocal and instrumental roles in movies and theater. She has since gone on to score movies, develop her own sound as well as gain experience as a session player and vocalist in various other projects.

Known as the queen of modern country music, Carol Chanler’s unique vocal style has found her sounding parts in more than thirty films and television programs. Her distinctive high and low tones are distinctive and instantly recognizable, which makes them perfect for the character she is playing in any given production. Born in Kingston, she grew up going to church with other girls, where she listened to her grandmother’s hymns and dreamed about being a belle. Her father, on the other hand, encouraged her interest in music, but did not want her to try singing professionally until she was older. Instead, she pursued singing lessons and worked briefly with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the World War II era.

Who is Caribou charted by the late Bob Dylan, who also produced and sang on the album. He infused the song with his voice and brought it to the attention of producers who signed the group and gave them their first recording deal. The single “Caribou” became an immediate hit and remains one of the best-selling songs of all time. The single reached No.1 in Canada and was quickly followed by another chart-topping hit, Another Day. Within a month, they were back in the top spot.

After spending a number of years working on Who is Caribou, John Reis came along and created and sang the theme song. It became even more successful when he went on to score movies such as Scarface and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In addition, Reis also wrote several other well-known songs that feature the Who and included them on Who is Caribou albums. Among those are hits such as My Way, You Are My Sunshine, She’s Gone to Washington, I Remember you Every Time, Tears in Heaven, and I am Your Savior. Reis is currently working on a new Who is Caribou album.

Other songs from Who is Caribou include “Honey, I’m a Honey,” “Up All Night Long,” and the acoustic number, Thank God I’m a Country Boy. Additionally, the band has covered songs by The Doobie Brothers, Chuck Berry, Oldie Pie, Smoke on the Water, Mary J. Blige, and dozens of others. There are even covers of hits by the Beach Boys, ingo players, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Cowboy Boots, and countless others.

While Who is Caribou features an all original cast, it seems like the group can never get tired or run out of ideas. With original songs covering everything from rock to pop to country, it is very likely that Who is Caribou will be around for a long time to come. Who knows? Maybe they will even come back with a new song and a new album. For now, though, the band is enjoying the ride.

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