Single Serve Coffee Machines – How to Choose the Best One

Drinking coffee has become a veritable recreational pastime as proven by the rising popularity of coffee bars, an indeterminable number of gourmet blends of coffee, and the evolution of various types of single serve coffee machines. There is virtually no end to the ways that people can enjoy coffee and that goes beyond simply the popular hot beverage that most of us enjoy every day. This popularity of the drink has led to the new designs of cutting edge appliances that can make just about any kind of gourmet style beverage you can imagine and some you cannot yet imagine! One of the most important trends in personal coffee making appliances are single serve coffee systems and the various types of one cup machines that are available to coffee lovers everywhere.

Singles, college students, senior adults who live along, RV’ers and other people who typically drink coffee alone are prime consumers for the ever popular single cup machine. Whether you are headed out the door for work or plan on a leisurely cup of coffee on the balcony of your Florida retirement home, a one cup machine is perfectly made to accommodate your lifestyle. All one cup makers are not the same however, so consider several issues when selecting the one that is best for your lifestyle K cup packing machine.

Travel Mug or Not

If you plan on carrying your coffee with you out the door, then you may enjoy one of the single cup systems that includes a stainless steel insulated travel mug that fits underneath the drip spout and remains hot for a long time. These systems make just the right amount of coffee to fit the travel mug with no waste and usually provide automatic shut-off so you can just leave it if you’re in a hurry. Other types of systems offer a heating element that you can rest your own ceramic mug on while the coffee quickly drips just enough brew for one cup of coffee. If you want another cup, just redo the set up and in usually under a minute you have another cup of fresh java.

Pods or Filters

Some one cup systems are made to receive small, single pods that are already filled with exactly the amount of grinds that are needed for one cup of beverage. You pop the pod in the designated location at the top of the system and flip the on switch for a quick cup of gourmet blend that is just right. If you prefer, you can select a unit that offers either a permanent filter or requires removable filters for a great tasting beverage. Many users are moving toward pod style brewing because it is easier and provides a huge selection of coffees within a case of pods.

Carafe Anyone?

Some people still want to use a carafe style maker that allows the beverage to be dripped into a glass carafe and can remain on a small burner for warmth until ready to be consumed. These older style makers have been around for awhile but remain popular with many people who just want the basics in a solid one cup maker.

If your lifestyle is suited to one of the many one cup systems, there is no shortage of features, options and various qualities of units available. Be sure to compare brands, prices, warranties and return policies when searching online for the perfect single serve coffee machine.

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