China Cursed With Sandstorm and Drought

WTF! 2012 is coming? The northern China is raining sand and the southern regions are being stricken by dry spell at the same time. The nature is giving us warnings again, in a more serious way. This year’s sandstorm has reached as far as Hong Kong, which was unimaginable in the past. And the lasting drought in the south is the most severe in decades.

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In fact, the neighbouring countries like South Korea and Japan are also affected by the sandstorm which started from Mongolia and inner Mongolia. But the neighbours generally blamed China for the sandstorm instead of Mongolia, which I think is because of the irresponsible image China has established since last year’s Copenhagen Climate Summit China’s silk road economic belt.

In a news picture taken recently, prime minister Wen Jiabao crouched on a field staring blankly at the cracked soil while inspecting Yunnan province, one of the severest drought-hit regions. I kind of wonder what might have passed through his mind at that time. Are we going too far? Is it a wrong decision to put GDP ahead of environment and everything? After all, he promised nothing in Copenhagen last December in fear of stunting China’s fancy economic growth.

After over 30 years of fast development, China, holding a huge amount of foreign reserves and the biggest brand in the world “Made in China”, is widely deemed as a successful model. The halos make outsiders neglect the truth behind the eye-peeling development: The economic growth is gained through sacrificing the environment.

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