Discover How to Repair Roof Slates

New and contemporary homes are adding beautiful roof slates that provide long lasting benefits to their homes. Other places such as, religious venues and exclusive clubs are also following the beautiful and upscale, yet functional trend. Houses made over one hundred years ago, had slate roofing and many of the roofs are still in very good condition. It took minimal effort to maintain the roofs condition.

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Asphalt shingles are less expensive than slates, but slates are far more dependable. These tiles tend to need little attention and last a long time. Unlike asphalt and other roofing materials, slates protect against a lot of the many problems regular roofs face. Wear and tear from the weather, fires, rotting and insect dilemmas are no match with slate roofing.

Slates come in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. They gravitate more towards earth colors and vary in thickness. Although they appear very strong and dependable, roof slates are fragile and can easily be broken or cracked which will cost additional time and money to repair mái tôn đẹp. The slightest force applied on it can cause them to crack. With that in mind, it is wise to hire a professional that specializes in installing slates to avoid other problems.

The labor for replacing or installing the roof can be overwhelming and costly. If a person has some experience with roofing it is possible for them to fix the roof themselves, but the average person might find it somewhat intimidating. Repairing the slates can be accomplished by following good instructions.

Determine the Location of the Damaged Slates

Look for any broken or split slates on your roof. In order to remove the tiles, the nails that hold the slates in position need to be cut using a hacksaw or a hammer.

Discard the Old Slates and Install the New Ones

On the back of the slates, draw a line that will aid in cutting the tile accurately. Punch holes on the lines with a hammer and nail for ease when cutting the slates. Gently tap the slate with a hammer to separate the tile. Avoid breaking it by handling with extreme care and caution.

Apply New Roof Slates with Hooks

Using a hammer, place the hook between the roof slates to keep it in place. Place a new slate in the spot of the old one and make sure the bottom edge of the tile is in the hook.

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