Teens and Smoking – My Kid Has Cigarettes

Where do these teens who smoke come from? Young people are constantly exposed to advertising for everything from sugar laden cereals to plastic trinkets and toys that cost way too much and break a little too soon, and of course colorful candy cigarettes! A recent memo from the tobacco companies indicated that they wanted to bombard kids with cigarette ads on ice cream trucks. I swear as a mother, I would chase that truck down the road like a terminator and rip off the offending signs and then throttle the driver with my own two hands. No mercy and no exceptions about it. It is hard enough to deal with the issue of my teens and smoking, other children don’t need the additional advertising pressure from the ice-cream man to become teen smokers.

Walmart to stop selling e-cigarettes

Each day over one thousand teens become addicted smokers. These are the kids from ages 13 to17, and they will make a decision that could take them the rest of their lives to escape. Teens and smoking can become a tragic life journey. You can lecture them, threaten them, beg and plead with them not to do it, but sometimes nothing will ever make a difference to your teens and smoking will become a rebellious issue. You just have to know that you did your very best not to let these teenagers make the wrong choice for themselves ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า. For every three children that take up the smoking habit, one will eventually die of a tobacco related illness. Pretty sad odds for the beginnings of the teenage smoker.

Statistics for teens and smoking are not good. The majority of them will start before the age of 18 and almost all smokers will start before the age of twenty. The saying goes that if you don’t start by the time you are 20, you never will, but that is not always true. There are enough teen smokers in the world to shake a stick at, and to wonder what else can be done to stop them from ever starting in the first place, who knows? It’s a crime now to sell cigarettes to youths under the age of 18. It is against the law for teens to possess them. But they still manage to get them anyways. I know that some parents would prefer to think that it is easier to just allow their teenagers to smoke, but that’s not dealing with the issue of teens and smoking, that is poor parental judgment.

Almost ten percent of middle school youths do smoke, that number more than doubles once they get into high school. Apparently over 60% of teen smokers want to quit. But how do they exactly reach out for help quitting smoking when they are not supposed to be doing that anyways? Asking for help means admitting that there’s a problem and its difficult enough for adults to do, but with teenagers who smoke it may be a more complicated scenario to cope with because teen smokers are often rebellious smokers.

Parents especially need to figure out how to keep their kids from ever smoking in the first place and it should be nearly impossible for kids to get hold of cigarettes in any way. We need more education for teens and smoking and more realistic graphic details of what kind of damage cigarettes can do to the human body. And we need to discover ways to allow those teenage smokers already with the habit of smoking to quit without fear of repercussions. This is for non smoking youth. We want healthy and non smoking teenagers. Address the issue of teens and smoking now!

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