Tips to Choose the Right Optional Subject for MAINS UPSC Examination

Lakhs of aspirants appear in the prestigious UPSC civil service examinations every year. And, the most crucial stage comes when they have to choose the optional subject for MAINS examination. In fact, your whole life depends on this choice, so it is really important to take the right decision.

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According to the new pattern of the UPSC, you have to choose only one optional subject, carrying 500 marks. Since students from every background are allowed to appear in the examination, UPSC offers a wide array of optional subjects according to the interests and the academic background of the candidate. So, here are some useful tips that can help you choose the right subject for MAINS examination.

Go through the Subject List Carefully

The foremost thing that you have to consider before choosing the optional is to go through the list of the subjects properly. Read the name of the subjects again and again for around 15-20 minutes visit site. After that, analyze your interests and the knowledge level in the particular subjects. Think of your school days and make out in which subject you excelled and got better marks. Practicing this whole thing will help you make further decisions regarding the subject choice clearly.

Try Choosing the Subjects you are familiar with

Now that you have a fair idea of the subjects offered, think of the subjects you are familiar with. As you already have the basic knowledge of the subject it will be easier for you to study the things in detail without wasting much time.

Shortlist a few chosen subjects

By now, you considered the interest of your school days, but what matters most is the present. Analyze the subjects you are interested in today, which areas catch your maximum interest and will help you study enthusiastically. Doing all this will help you shortlist the right subjects and then reach the final conclusion.

Easy Availability of the Books and the Study Material

If you are thinking of choosing the subject not having ready material or the books in the market, it can turn to be a challenging thing for you as you waste a lot of time in researching and making the notes for it. So, go for the subject that is easily available in the market. Doing so, will actually save you a lot of time and will help you finish the syllabus on time.

Value your interest than the mark trends

Candidates often make the wrong choices considering the mark trends of the UPSC examination. Since the nature of the exam is conceptual and not factual, it is important that you have an interest in the subjects and you can show dedication towards it. It will be your dedication and interest in the subject that will help you develop the concepts and write the answers appropriately. So, make sure you are choosing the subject you are interested in and not because there are chances of getting higher marks in any particular subject.

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