Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing an Electrical Outlet

Whether you want to build a house, whether you want to plug in your computer or whether you want recharge your mobile phone, you cannot absolutely do anything without the help of electrical outlets. These devices have become so useful that we rely on them all the time. Getting to know something about electrical outlets would undoubtedly be quite useful to you someday though unfortunately many of us seem to have no clue as to even what exactly they are.

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There are various types of these outlets used in different countries and places. Voltages and frequencies between these varying types of outlets tend to differ significantly. For example types C and F electrical outlets which are used in Afghanistan have a frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 220 V. However in Bahrain on the contrary mainly type G outlets are used and the frequency tends to be 50 Hz while the voltage is 230 V. The message is simple; types of electrical outlets used could vary according to the region.

How to change them might be more interesting to you than a description about types of outlets. It might be also be useful to keep in mind that getting an understanding on how to change such an outlet might help you to save quite a few bucks that would otherwise be given to your electrician. It’s not exactly rocket science but for a person doing it for the first time it might seem rather tough and complicated Wire Crimp Pull Tester. However with some practice it would become an extremely simple task.

First of all shut off the power before attempting to replace electrical outlets and make sure that the power is off with the aid of voltage tester. Then gently remove the face plate. You could check the black wires inside with a tester again to make sure that the power is definitely off before you proceed. Needless to say of course keep a good flashlight at hand when replacing electrical outlets. Then unscrew the screws and slowly pull out the outlet. Having a sufficient understanding of the sizes and colors of the wires is extremely important at this stage and without any such understanding you might be better off not trying to replace any electrical outlets.

You need to detach the wires then, buy the correct outlet and install it by screwing the whole thing back together. Watching an electrician at work would provide you with the best understanding about how to do this successfully.

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