9 Job Hunting Trends to Give You The Edge in Getting Hired

Are you looking for a new job? Or perhaps you are employed but searching for potential job opportunities. Today, job hunting is about having an updated resume and posting to pertinent job sites. These new trends are changing the way candidates are getting recruited.

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Here are a few tips to make you stand out in your job search:

1. Referrals Hiring is On the Rise – Employers believe that referrals result in better hires; they are actively seeking recommendations on potential hires from their workforce. Job seekers should ask friends if they know of any companies who are hiring. Network with people who can recommend you for open positions inside their firm. Email a copy of your resume to colleagues asking them to keep their ears open for job posting listings. Also ask for LinkedIn referrals from colleagues to hiring managers they know.

2. Take it Social – Today’s top companies are scouring Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ for top job candidates. Keep your profiles updated and Follow/Like pages of companies you’d like to work for. Learn all you can about their latest company news and potential job postings.

3. Be Video Ready – Many of today’s leading edge firms are turning to video screening to vet out best candidates to bring in for interviews. Practice and be prepared! Video interview use is rising for long distance job opportunities looking to save travel costs for bringing in potential hires.

4. Rehires on the Rise – With the economic rebound, many companies who previously downsized are rehiring. If you left a company in the past, many of those firms would now welcome the rehire of a past proven performer. Don’t overlook new opportunities that may arise within previous employers. If you were a proven performer and can get good recommendations internally, you have a better shot of getting the job than a new candidate off the street.

5. Results-oriented Resume – Companies want to hire top performers who can bring measurable results. Instead of listing details on tasks performed, focus on how you solve problems and drove results through your past positions.

6. Online Applications – Many firms are now posting job listings on their website. Job seekers will need to fill out digital applications so be sure to thoroughly read the job description first to make sure you are a fit. Submit a cover letter that showcases your personality, qualifications, and desire for the job. Fill out all the fields and review for completeness and spelling/grammar errors before you hit submit.

7. The Drop In – Sometimes a little face time at a company can get your foot in the door. With so many candidates clamoring for positions, sometimes just showing up wearing a suit is a way to get noticed. If you are lucky, the administrative assistant will pass your resume on to HR for consideration.

8. Mobile Job Search – Mobile apps are great tools for busy job seekers who want to quickly and effortlessly update and send resumes while at lunch, on the train, or have some down time.

9. Email follow up – After a job interview, it is important to follow up with the hiring manager. Today, following up with an email lets you follow up with hiring managers while you are fresh on their mind. Send an email reviewing what was discussed in the interview and show how you can meet their current needs and challenges. Prompt follow up shows you are qualified, serious, and a strong candidate for the position.
In this competitive market, these tips will help you to spot hot job opportunities, connect with those who can hire and refer you and help employers to find you.

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