Sports To Past – My Life As a Martial Arts Pro

Now that he is finally receiving the recognition that he deserves, the stuntman has revealed how he became a superstar. During an appearance on The Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Jackie Chan revealed that he trained as a gymnast, martial artist and boxer before he decided to tackle acting full-force. “I did my whole boxing and martial arts training in boxing and I studied gymnastics and martial arts too,” he said. “It was all because I wanted to be in action movies.”


The first role that he landed after playing a series of martial arts master and stuntman on TV and in movies was the villainous torturer in the movie Kill Bill. It is important to mention that despite his horrific nature, Jackie Chan has found the time to be one of Hollywood’s best and most successful actors. He went on to star in the hit Kung Mangraves, the fantasy thriller Hong Kong, and the action comedy Crazy Heart. All of these films were not only great performances but also proved that Jackie has the ability to adapt well to whatever role he lands. Even when playing a villain in a movie, Jackie always manages to showcase his skills. There are several examples of this, where he played the bad guy in Kill Bill, the leader of the WCKD (Worldwide Club of Martial Arts), in Crazy Heart, and even in the upcoming Man on the Moon, which he will surely star in 안전공원.

If you want to see Jackie Chan in his action roles then you should definitely check out the following films: Karate Kid, Teenagers, and World Without End. In the latter film he would again show off his martial arts abilities as a martial arts guru who teaches young students the importance of discipline and respect. If you have ever seen Karate Kid then you know that Jackie Chan is quite the expert when it comes to martial arts. He has also had small roles in films such as Crazy Heart and Zoolander.

In terms of comedies, there is nothing quite like Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. This was actually the first independent film starring Jackie Chan andhoe Boihu. This would certainly be a good film to watch with your children because of its hilarious storyline and fantastic acting. The late Roger Moore was also an incredible supporting actor of Jackie Chan and this role helped make him a name in Hollywood!

The most important part of any role is to make sure that your role is well realized by the director. The same goes for those roles that are in support of some other actor. There are no surprises when actors portray their characters and if you give your performance then the director is happy and so will you! You can count on having a long and fruitful career acting in films.

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