Big Desire, Big Results – Love Learning Spanish

Learning a new language has a reputation for being either difficult, or fun. There just seems to be no middle ground. You either love it, or you hate it. And now, you have decided to learn Spanish, and you really, really want to love it. But you aren’t sure how go make sure you will. Here are a few practical ideas to keep your desire and results high.

Focus On The Process
This means that you should take the time you personally need to learn how to speak Spanish. It doesn’t matter whether someone else learned in 3 months or less. It does matter that you  Language of desire learn in the amount of time best for you. For some, it will mean learning a bit of basic conversation. For some, it will mean learning Spanish throughout life until fluent.

Make Friends With Native Spanish Speakers
Nothing is so much fun as being able to communicate with someone in a different language. Actually, what is really fun is laughing when you are doing a really bad job at communicating with someone who actually understands that you are doing your best. Some of the best belly laughs happen at times when friends get together to practice a foreign language. And, native Spanish speakers often have friendly attitudes when it comes to helping beginners speak Spanish.

Plan The Trip of a Lifetime
Some folks really don’t have the opportunity to travel much. Work and responsibilities often keep people home instead of traveling on their dream trip. But, if you are learning Spanish because you always wanted to go to Spain, or South America, or any of many other Spanish-speaking countries in the world, well, just take a big leap of faith and plan the trip. And really plan the trip so that you know you will take it as a huge reward for learning the language. Every time you make progress with you Spanish, put some money aside for your trip. You could start by putting a quarter into a can every time you master 10 new Spanish words. You get the idea…tailor it to fit your dream.

Keep Learning Fun
This is different for every person. But, some things you can do while you are in the learning process might be things like going to a Mexican restaurant, attending a free Spanish festival, picking up a Spanish children’s book at the library, or shopping at a Spanish market with a friend. You will learn the language easily if you make it part of your life in new and interesting ways. Don’t throw away your Spanish dictionary, or your online learning materials. Just add activities to your life that give you chances to have fun using your new Spanish speaking skills.

If you can do these things, you will keep your big desire, get big results, and love learning Spanish for a long time to come.

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