The Pregnant Man Step by Step Strategy to Lose Belly Fat in Six Weeks

Tom Stanton is fondly known as the pregnant man, even though he was able to lose belly fat in 6 weeks. No one will believe a 5 feet 7 inches, 138 pounds trimmed and lean man used to weigh 191 pounds with a waistline of 40 inches. He looked like he was 5 months pregnant then, hence the nick name, pregnant man.

He had a unique way to fat loss. It was a program he put together and used personally to lose belly fat and get toned abs.

Here’s his personal best way to lose belly fat 5 steps formula:

1) Stay conscious of what he ate

He focused on whole meal foods, and cut down on fried and sweet stuff. He was consuming fried chicken wings and sodas daily but gradually reducing it to twice per week. Other time, he would choose to steam, bake or boil the food.

Also for cooking, he chose to use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

2) Use hoodia to suppress hunger

He also cut his portion size to half (about 800 calories less daily), and used hoodia gordonii supplement to curb hunger.

With the right hoodia supplement, he breezed through the days with the smaller portion size. He also took a half hour walk daily to give his metabolism a little boost.

Just 3 days and his waistline starting shrinking. That really motivated him a lot.

Hoodia supplement was intended as only a short term weight loss solution though. Tom was using it to create new eating habits. As soon as he formed the new eating habits, he stopped taking hoodia and move on to the next phase – detox.

3) Speedy detox with master cleanse

Traditional master cleanse was a 10 days program without food. That’s too hard to endure. Tom followed a modern formula instead but modify it into a 3 days detox diet with an additional day before and after to ease in and out of the master cleanse.

The best part was he was eating all the time while on master cleanse. Of course he didn’t eat just anything. He Biotox gold ate the “safe food” as recommended in the modern formulation.

The special husk he was using also made him full while loosening the compacted material built up inside his colon.

3 weeks later, and 18 pounds lighter without the bad eating habits. He has lost quite a lot of fat around the belly.

And now he wanted more than just to lose belly fat. He wanted a toned abs.

4) Make beer and soy based product the enemies

Tom found a valuable course taught by a professional abs trainer. He was taught the proper nutrition and exercises to develop washboard abs.

While it’s not surprising that beer contributed to his belly fat (that’s why it is commonly known as beer belly), he was shocked that soy based product was also one of the culprits for stubborn belly fat.

Both beer and soy based products are loaded with estrogenic compounds. These compounds are the cause for man boobs (accumulation of chest fat) and excessive fat storage in the belly for women.

5) The weird exercises for great abs

Tom was instructed to do weird lose belly fat exercises like stability ball plank holds, stability ball hip flexion and lying leg thrusts. He was skeptical because he thought he should be doing crunches and cardio exercises, but followed the instructions of the trainer anyway. And he was glad he did.

These weird exercises were just 3 of the many that strengthened Tom’s core and toned up his abs.

6 weeks later, his body fat gone down to 11%. With a lean body, he was convinced that this easy formula can help many others to lose belly fat and get a 6 pack. Can it help you?

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