The Law Of Attraction – Our Education System, And Personal Education And Self Development

Universal Laws are the operating system that allows the Universe to function. They include the Law of Gravity, the Law of Electricity, the Law of Cause and Effect the Law of Attraction and a great many others.

All Universal Laws operate without our conscious intervention, luckily for us, but some can have a detrimental effect on us because of that. Some we don’t need to be aware of and it matters not, but the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction and a few others can be made to work either for us, or against us, depending upon our thoughts. We have never been taught this because the information has been kept from us purposely. It is and always has been far easier to control the ignorant than the educated.

The church and state are united in this, look at the education systems in most “civilized” nations and you will find the few are given a privileged education, and go on to be producers, and the masses are kept ‘dumbed-down’ and are the consumers. The Governments of most western nations will supplement private education at the expense of the state run schooling system. In the USA in 2006, Nintendo (TM) spent more on research and development for its computer games than the Bush Administration (Regime?) spent  Sonavel  on education. In Australia, Johnny (C)Howard (thankfully no longer in power) gave private schools 70% of its education budget, and a paltry 30% went to all the thousands of state schools. Keep the masses ignorant and pamper the elite. The chasm between the haves and have-nots is wide, by design, and getting wider.

This is why it’s necessary for personal study and education, or, to quote a widely used phrase these days, self-development. If we are to break out of the bonds that we have been shackled with all our lives, we must search for the truth ourselves. Hence the huge success of the movie The Secret, the endless workshops, courses, mentor programs, tapes and CDs of affirmations, positive thinking etc etc etc ad infinitum. We inherently know we have been lead astray and we are looking for the path back to our natural center, our true self.

There is an amazing array of books on the subject of self-development and the Law of Attraction available, proof that people are craving this knowledge. Thankfully the church has a harder time banning these writings today because of the internet, movies like The Secret, shows like Oprah Winfrey, Art Bell etc, which have all brought this into the homes and lives of the masses, with the result that it is being talked about by people who would previously have scoffed at such things. We are growing as a species; learning, evolving and demanding an even playing field from where we can all have our chance to run with the ball. We have not been given such an opportunity as this in living history, my hope is that we handle this power with the care and responsibility it deserves, because our mind is the most powerful thing in the Universe given the correct platform from which to operate from.

We can indeed turn our life totally around by the power of our thought, or we can continue to function as we have been and relinquish control and responsibility to a perceived ‘higher authority’… they’ll look out for us, surely… but looking back, they only look out for themselves, it really is up to us to take back the reins and forge our own crossing in this experience we call life. Scratch below the surface, dig, look under rocks, the truth is there for all with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Open up to the infinite possibilities presented daily to us and we can blossom as we were meant to. Remember, a rose must be open to bloom, as with our mind.

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