Is There a Stretch Mark Remover That Really Works?

Stretch mark removers are one of the most controversial beauty products out there, and with good reason. The sad fact is that most of them just don’t work. Stretch marks are, at their most basic, scar tissue that’s formed when collagen and elastin fibers are damaged by skin stretching too fast for collagen and elastin production to keep up. Now, as many people know, scars aren’t that easy to remove, especially ones that go fairly deep into the epidermis.

Most people at some time in their lives will get stretch marks. For many, the problem isn’t too severe, and they’re able to ignore it, but for others the problem is significant, and really impacts on their self esteem. I know from personal experience what it’s like to cover almost every inch of my body all summer because of self consciousness regarding my stretch marks, which extended not only down my thighs, but also down my calves. I wouldn’t even wear shorts in public! Not only did my self esteem impact me publicly, but it also did privately, as I hated to appear naked, even in front of my husband.

Because my own case was so severe, I hunted high and low for a stretch mark remover that actually did as promised. Naturally, I tried the available creams and oils on the market. The results were ho hum at best. Yes, the appearance of my skin did improve (but I think that was just the moisturizing effect of the cream more than anything else), but although I thought that maybe the stretch marks looked a bit better, I wasn’t certain. Honestly, I should have taken before and after pictures to see if there had been any real changes, as it’s almost impossible to tell otherwise.

While creams have an effect on the skin’s surface, they really aren’t able to penetrate far enough to make any significant changes to the underlying structure of the skin. One  Derma Prime Plus thing that has been shown to heal the skin at a deeper level is micro needling. Creams may be able to penetrate further after microneedling has been undertaken as the molecules can enter the skin through the small holes created by the micro needling process, and thus may be more effective after treatment. However, creams on their own can’t impact significantly upon the skin’s structure.

One home micro needling treatment is the Derma Roller. I was very interested in this device as I learned more about how it worked. Basically, it is rolled over the skin, creating microscopic holes in the skin’s surface (it sounds painful, but isn’t). These holes are perceived as damage by the skin, and the body then starts producing healing factors and more collagen and elastin in an attempt to heal the damage. In doing so, any stretch marks or scars present on the skin’s surface are healed (or at least, improved dramatically). After using a micro needling treatment such as the Derma Roller it’s a good idea to use a moisturizer cream which is then able to penetrate the skin better, which may further assist the treatment.

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