What to Craft in Cataclysm for Loads of Gold

Many players don’t know to use their professions at maximum to get the gold they really need in the extremely expensive new era of Cataclysm. And I’m not talking here about gathering professions. Every player that has mining or herbalism knows to mine Obsidium or Elementium, or gather Azshara’s Veil or Cinderbloom and then sell them at the Auction House.

But what about those that don’t have any gathering professions? Well, in this report, I’m going to tell you what to craft in Cataclysm to increase your cash-flow or to get nice profits.

What to craft in Cataclysm if you’re a blacksmith?

Blacksmithing sure is one of the most expensive crafts to skill up in World of Warcraft. But once you have reached 525 skill, you can craft quite a few profitable items. The best choices to invest your materials into are the tank and healer items. The Hardened Elementium Girdle isn’t very expensive to craft, for example, and currently it sells for 8-9k gold. Tanks really need epics to tank even heroics so these sell like hot cakes.

What to craft in Cataclysm if you’re an engineer?

If you have engineering, you probably know that most of the item that you can craft are self-only, or they require engineering skill to be used. So, if you auction them, only other engineers will be your potential customers. But once they reach the skill  px7 primal flow reviews requirement for a particular item, they will probably craft it themselves. Therefore, if you’re an engineer, you can craft the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor and turn your engineering into a gathering profession. Of course, there aren’t any gas clouds in any of the new Cataclysm areas, but the Primal Air that you can get in Nagrand with this tool sells for 50-60g each.

What to craft in Cataclysm if you’re a jewelcrafter?

There are many gem designs that you can buy if you’re a JC. However, the currency for these designs is limited. Therefore, to be profitable as a jewelcrafter it’s best to acquire first the jewel designs that will bring you the highest profits. For example, in Cataclysm everyone has problems with their critical strike attribute, therefore, they will try to boost it through enchants and gems. So, buy the designs that allow you to craft critical strike, agility and hit rating gems. These usually sell like pretty well.

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