How to Have a Flat Belly – This 2 Step Fat Burn Diet Plan is Painless

If you want to lose fat to have a flat belly keep reading this. One thing’s for sure… fad diets don’t work, so this article focuses on a realistic, safe, effective plan that will get results fast and will keep your belly flat as long as you continue the plan.

The benefits of this flat belly diet plan are that you don’t need to count calories, you can eat lots of rich hearty foods, your energy level with skyrocket, you will be burning fat round the clock, and you can lose 5-7 pounds in one week

Here’s the logic behind this fat burning diet:

You gain weight and fat because you can’t control your appetite. When your appetite is out of control you can and usually will eat the wrong foods. The wrong foods usually are Okinawa Flat belly tonic simple carbohydrates sugar laden foods, and bad fats ( ie..hydrogenated oils ). These foods send your blood sugar sky high sending signals for your body to STORE fat.

Step one is eliminate… I mean TOTALLY get rid of these foods. Stop eating sugar, simple carbohydrates and any hydrogenated oils. This may be a big change but the plan simply won’t work without this step.

Step two is to get your body into fat burn mode you must eat foods that keep blood sugar in the fat burn range… high protein and complex carbs plus good fats. You need to eat lean red meats, eggs, chicken breast, fish, avocado, butter, milk, whole grain bread, peanut butter, whole wheat pasta, olive oil…the list goes on.

This is only scratching the surface of what you can and can’t eat.

Do this diet plan correctly and you will be amazed how easily the fat melts.. Plus your appetite will be totally in control, because blood sugar will be just right.

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