How to Treat Nail Fungus? Some Natural Remedies

How to treat nail fungus is a question which plagues several people. Nail fungus and its treatment is often a matter of discomfort for several people. Fungus in the nails looks really ugly. Are you also one of the millions of people that are embarrassed to take off your shoes and go barefoot in public? Do you look at your fungus-riddled toes and think they look ugly or nasty? Do your toenails appear jagged, yellow and brittle? If you answered any of the above questions with a “Yes”, then you are probably among the many people that suffer from nail fungus.

Causes of Nail Fungus:

Nail fungus come from a collection of fungi called dermatophytes. Dermatophytes are a type of fungus that cannot penetrate through the top layer of skin because they cannot defeat the immune system of the host. They do very well in dark and moist areas, which is why the most common area of infection by this type of Fungus Clear fungus in on toenails.

Natural solutions on how to treat nail fungus:

There are many possibilities of how to treat nail fungus the best of which are all natural. One of the ways to treat nail fungus is by using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a potent antiseptic and if applied carefully to the nails can dramatically affect nail fungus.

If you are trying to find out how to treat nail fungus without using only tea tree oil because of irritation, then you should consider almond oil. Almond oil alone is a great moisturizer for human skin and has many other beneficial effects. Mixing a small amount of tea tree oil with almond oil will help reduce any kind of rash or irritation for those who are sensitive to pure tea tree oil.

Clove oil can also be used in some cases by those wishing to rid themselves of nail fungus. Cloves have been used as a pain killer for toothaches and headaches for a long time. There is also some evidence that might suggest that clove oil is pathogenic to certain fungi, including the fungi that causes discolored toenails-Onychomycosis.

Prevention is always better:

If you really want to know how to treat nail fungus, the best answer is always prevention. There are a number of ways to prevent it. Changing your sock or stocking often will help keep fungus at bay by keeping your toes and feet dry. If you have a tendency for your feet to sweat a great deal you should take extra precautions to ensure that your feet are dried regularly especially between the toes. You might also consider using and anti-fungal foot spray or powder in your sock and shoes.

Another prevention technique is to limit your exposure to potential infection. This means wearing shoes in public places where others might unintentionally spread the fungus. Wear water shoes, sandals, or flip-flops around the public swimming pool and in locker rooms.

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