Building SEO Credibility With Backlinks

Websites certainly want to be at the top of search engine results pages. SEO building can be done on site by having good content and the proper keywords. SEO experts claim, however, that backlinks are a major factor that search engines consider when ranking websites in their results pages, taking into account the credibility, relevance and volume of inbound links.

Backlinks come as two-way or one-way. Two-way backlinks are reciprocal links where the concerned websites can interchangeably send and receive links to and from each other. One-way links are inbound links from other websites to your website, which you cannot reciprocate. A one-way inbound link is what matters to search engines.

How can one-way backlinks be received by your website? The most effective way of receiving backlinks is the submission of well-written articles with keyword-rich contents that are relevant to your product, business or advocacy to reputable article directories. At the end of every article, a space called a footer is provided where the author can place his profile or short biography. The footer is a very important part of the article because it is here where the keyword link, the website link and/or the URL should be indicated. There is no room for mistakes, even spelling typos, as the backlinks may never reach your website.

Once you have submitted your article to a good article directory and it is accepted and published, you have hurdled the first part of the test. You now have one good source of backlinks that will lead readers to your website, increase traffic and hopefully conversion. It is, thus, vital that your article is informative enough and interestingly written so that your readers will read through until they reach ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย the links. Otherwise, if they don’t see anything new or relevant and they get bored, they may just click away.

Getting articles published in article directories is not a miracle that can help build strong credibility. More good article submissions will be needed to get more clicks on your backlinks to your website.

There are new SEO companies offering faster ways of writing articles for building SEO and optimizing backlinks like spinning articles on autopilot. But doesn’t writing on autopilot and claiming to be the author of that article give a semblance of plagiarism? Or wouldn’t it be better to name the author as Mr. Autopilot?

Building SEO with backlinks to increase traffic to your website is still best done by writing good articles and submitting them to known article directories. Search engines constantly undergo innovations and they now know what is spam, link farming and link wheel. One more thing, be aware that websites subscribing to unethical SEO practices can now be penalized by big search engine companies.

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