Which Are the Biggest and Busiest Airports in the World?

Airports Council International defines the world’s busiest airports in terms of airport traffic, includes Passengers traffic, Cargo traffic and Traffic movements. The Biggest Airport in the World taken as, which take up the most land mass. The King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest airport as it takes up an area of 81 square miles, an area larger than many cities. The second biggest airport in the world is Denver International, which takes up 53 square miles. By comparison, London Heathrow airport takes up around 3,000 acres, or just 4.7 square miles.

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The Busiest Airport in the World, depends upon the fact that whether you are monitoring aircraft movements (total numbers of take-offs and landings per day) or numbers of passengers كبار الشخصيات. Movements and passenger numbers both are acceptable methods for the verdict of the busiest airport, although passenger numbers is the generally quoted figure. Washington National airport may have relatively high aircraft movements, but as these are the largest aircraft it handles is a Boeing 757, it has relatively fewer annual passengers than other airports with similar movements.

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson is the world’s busiest airport, and it is a significant focal point for the world’s largest commercial airline, handling 76.7 million passengers in 2002, while Chicago is the world’s second busiest airport, handled 66.6 million passengers in 2002. London Heathrow airport handles the most international passengers, as opposed to passengers on domestic flights. On an overall scale, Heathrow ranks third behind Atlanta and Chicago. London is the busiest aviation centre in the world.

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