Learn Casino Craps – Adapt to a Cold Craps Table

Sometimes, a craps table goes cold where points and numbers just don’t hit. The normal distribution takes a crazy turn, but instead of turning in the player’s favor, it turns in the casino’s favor. For example, let’s look at flipping a coin. The normal distribution over time shows that we expect heads to appear 50% of the time and tails to appear 50% of the time. What if the short-term distribution variance shows that in the last 50 flips, 45 resulted in tails and only 5 resulted in heads. If we had bet on heads for those 50 flips, we would have lost our shirts. The same scenario holds true on a craps table. The short-term distribution variance will result in many more 7-outs than points made. If we had bet the Pass Line during that short-term variance, we would have lost our shirts. That scenario is called a “cold table.” The distribution eventually corrects itself where the variance goes in favor of the player, which is called a “hot table.” So, what do we do when the table turns ice cold? Do we simply accept it and lose all our money? Not hardly!

A cold table is easy to recognize. It’s empty, quiet, and the few people still playing look depressed. Shooter after shooter establishes a point and then immediately throws a losing 7 out.

If you stubbornly make a stand and try to fight a cold table, you’ll lose your entire allotment for that session in mere minutes. Even though each roll has a random outcome, the fact 제왕카지노 is that trends do, indeed, occur. An ice cold table is a trend against the player; whereas, a hot table is a trend with the player. Unless you adapt, playing a cold table is a miserable experience. You walk away a loser vowing to never play craps again. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You’ll find after years of playing craps that most people insist on fighting a cold table. Why? Beats me. My only guess is that they’re stubborn or stupid, or probably both. People either beat their chests like King Kong determined to stand and fight regardless of how much they lose, or they leave the table altogether. It’s truly an amazing phenomenon. Instead of switching gears to play the cold table to their advantage, most people are so stubborn or stupid that they just won’t adapt.

Without going into volumes of statistical theory, the fact is that cold streaks appear just as hot streaks do. The key is to recognize them and adapt. For example, suppose you walk up to a table with only two people playing. It’s the only table with open spots. The other three tables are packed and people are standing on the sides waiting to play. You ask the dealer how the table is. He says it’s colder than heck. Both players at the table are playing the Pass Line. Two quick 7-outs in a row. The players cuss, moan, and complain how the craps gods never give them a break. You wonder if you want to get in on the action now, even though it’s obviously a cold table, or go to one of the other tables and wait for an open spot. Your plane just landed and your Vegas vacation just started, so you want some immediate action. You don’t want to go stand by one of the other tables and wait. You want to play now. So, do you stay at the cold table?

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