Identifying When You Have a Carpenter Bee Problem

Getting rid of carpenter bees is something that many people struggle with in their homes. Often people need help to deal with this issue that not much is really known about, so when you find you have timber work that you discover is riddled with holes and you just can’t work out where on earth they came from, then you may just have a carpenter bee problem.

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They are a problem for Southern Highlands Carpenter many homes around the world where there is much natural wood and timber work about the home in all different types of settings. This can vary from furniture, window fittings, skirting boards, floor boards, structural joists, banister railings, to wood cladding that has the type of wood that carpenter bees prefer

Indeed the type of timber that they prefer is wood that has not been treated or painted in any way shape or form and remains untouched and natural.

If you do have this type of wood or timber in your property they will be drawn to it as much as a honey bee is to honey and they will not discriminate on where it is located or what it is used for. If it is not been painted it treated in any way then they will go for it and attempt to bore holes into the timber which will cause a lasting effect to the timber

The reason that carpenter bees seek to do this is because this is the way they build their nests in order to live and rest after a hard days work foraging in the area. Whilst normal bumble bees look to build their nests from all kinds of natural elements like mud, they will seek to make their nests in timber work. This marks then out as quite an unusual specimen in their species as they are the only type of bee that builds their nests like this or is able to bore into wood or timber.

Indeed after they have built their nests like this then they will seek to bring their young into the nests so that they might live there and grow up. Once the young are in the nests the worker bees will look to build partition cells in the nests with the particles if timber that have been removed from boring the holes.

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