UPenn and U! How to Aim Your US History Subject Test Score for Acceptance at UPenn

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the select US schools that expect 2 SAT subject tests. Another option is to take ACT + Writing for admittance, but very few students choose to do this. Using the SAT subject tests are by far the most popular options. Like Yale and Cornell, UPenn requires https://argoprep.com/math/1st-grade/numbers/even-and-odd-numbers-on-a-number-line/ students to send in all of their test scores. Curious to find out what you would need to value on the US History SAT Subject Test in order to make it into UPenn? The UPenn common data set can offer us an idea.

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The common data set is published annually as a result of collaboration with the College Board and various major publishers. It’s primarily used to appraise the rank of a college. Most schools don’t report on the scores of enrollee’s SAT subject tests (once known as the SAT 2). They do provide information on the average student’s normal SAT scores, however. It’s those we can use to get an idea of what they’re expecting. This is only a rough assessment of what’s good. UPenn doesn’t have an official minimum. A lower mark doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

What’s notable about the University of Pennsylvania is that they don’t participate in the College Board’s Score Choice. You will have to send UPenn your entire testing history for assessment. Their website explicitly states what this will be used for. Achieving a higher first tally will be regarded as favorable. Retaking the test without improvement or taking the test repeatedly until a high value is reached will be noted and may adversely affect your application.
Let’s look at the data.

The lowest quarter scores are 660, 690 and 680 for critical reading, math and writing, respectively. The highest quarter scores are 750, 780 and 770 for critical reading, math and writing, respectively. Not surprisingly, the scores required at UPenn are lower than at institutions like Harvard or Yale. Where a full 25% of students tally a perfect in math at Harvard, only 25% of UPenn enrollees value above a 780 (still a jaw-droppingly great mark). That’s certainly favorable for a lower US History Test mark.

There’s a fair amount of permissiveness for people with low critical reading scores at UPenn (just make sure your math skills are good). An average mark on a given test is a 720. That’s putting you in the top 3-5% of all test takers globally. SAT II scores don’t need to be as high as their SAT I counterparts. The pool of SAT II test-takers is a lot more competitive. Your average SAT 2’er is not your SAT test taker. Assuming your GPA is near the UPenn average of 3.89 then a lower US History test score is likely pretty innocuous. Get something in the top 20-30% and you’ll likely be fine. What does the College Board say that is? 690. This puts you in the top third of all testees. Not bad and easy to do with a bit of study.

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