Bingo – The Credit Crunch is Over

Marvelous but true …… a couple in Boston have been able to waive off most of their debts overnight. Although it is hard to believe, yet it is real. Thomas and Grace had met with a fatal accident two years ago and since then their life was never the same. Due to the accident, Thomas had multiple injuries in spinal cord and hence had to be admitted for a long time. This meant enormous hospital bills, medicine bills and other expenses which were to be paid. They landed up in huge debts. They had to sell their farms but the treatment of Thomas was taking a toll on their financial condition. Grace started remaining very depressed and worried. She realized she had to get away from it somehow. To divert her mind, she started playing Bingo on internet to try her luck.

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At first she tried, her hand with a smaller amount. She enjoyed the little pocket money that she earned from her wins. She started paying her dues at the grocery shop. Thanks to Bingo, their life started getting back to normal. However, there was still one big hitch 먹튀폴리스 검증업체. In the accident, the spinal cord of Thomas got dislocated because of which he was still bed ridden. He had to be operated to get back to his normal shape. However, they had run out of their existing funds. Grace could not see her husband’s gloomy face but she was helpless. And then, came that crucial day like a magic in their world and resolved all her dilemmas. That day when Grace played, she not only had God by her side but fortune also. And lo! She got a bumper prize that day. She could not trust her lucky stars. The prize gave a new beginning to the family. Thomas could finally get operated and once again they started living happily ever after like the Cinderella’s fairy story.

Bingo or the game of luck and chance terminated the word “credit crunch” from their life forever. Bingo has changed the life of many more like Thomas and Grace and many such people have been able to relinquish their outstanding payments. Bingo and its bumper offers have brought a new hope to those who had lost chances of recovering from their setbacks in the recent trends of economic recession. A student could pay his loan, a man could start his new business, and a young man has been able to buy a big house for his family.

The game has helped many to make friends, shape up their lives and make the dreams of their loved ones come true. The credit crunch has become a history for those who took the bait and invested in this exciting game. As truly said no pains, no gains!

For the 132nd time, 3-year-olds will take to the Churchill Downs main track for America’s Race. Of more than 425 horses nominated for the 2006 Triple Crown, only 20 or fewer will run in the Kentucky Derby.

Some contenders hold a noticeable advantage before they break from two gates. Others, however, must buck negative trends that go back decades.

For example, no horse with four or fewer career starts has smelled the roses since Exterminator in 1918. So, it does not look good for Showing Up who won the Lexington Stakes on April 22.

Since 1947, the only horse with two preps that won the Kentucky Derby was Sunny’s Halo in 1983. That is a bad omen for Private Vow and Sharp Humor.

Barbaro, Sharp Humor, and Flashy Bull, 1-2-7 in the Florida Derby, will attempt to become the first with a layoff of five weeks or more to score since Needles in 1956.

Runners in Gulfstream’s showcase race that train up to the Derby have not done well when it is staged in April. There are exceptions, but those Florida Derby winners later won at Louisville: Northern Dancer in 1964 following the Blue Grass and Tim Tam in 1958 after the Derby Trial.

No horse since Proud Clarion in 1967 won without a stakes victory in his or her career. Goodbye Flashy Bull, Jazil, Mister Triester, Steppenwolfer, and Storm Treasure.

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