Samsung M02S – Tried and Tested

The Samsung M012S is a great phone to buy. It comes with features that will please even the biggest gadget freaks out there. You can get a camera, a GPS navigator, a compass and many other features. In the review of the phone I did a bit of research to see what people had to say about it so I could try and give you my own personal review. In this review I hope to give my own personal opinion on the phone.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw the phone was the size. It is not too big but it is not too small either. I got a decent sized view of the screen which gave me plenty of space to read my text messages and do some other things Samsung M02S. When it came down to it, this phone was just the right size for me.

The second thing that jumped out at me when I looked at the Samsung M012S was the build quality. The phone felt solid in my hand and held onto the keyboard well. The screen was easy to touch up and even the speakerphone worked quite well. In the review of the phone I did not really get into the technical aspects of the build but that is what is most important to you when you are buying a phone.

The Samsung M012S did not disappoint when it came to performance. It had all of the capabilities that I would want out of a mobile phone and more. With 4G coverage available, I checked to see how long it would last on a single charge. My test went for about an hour and a half and came out just short of two hours. That is pretty good, especially for a phone that costs so much.

The battery life on the Samsung M012S was not very long but in the review I did not get into the reasons why that could be. If you are going to be using a phone all day you may find you get one with a little more life but if you are just looking for one to use during the day, you might not care as much about that feature as you would if you were going to be using the phone while travelling. If you do plan to travel with your phone, the ability to be able to connect to a USB cable is a great added bonus.

The Samsung M012S is one of those phones that you either love or hate. The battery life was above average but not spectacular. The display was not the best on the phone but the sound quality was quite good. The build quality was excellent, with no creaking or groaning sounds. Overall the review concludes that the Samsung M012S is a phone that will meet some requirements but will not be able to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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