Vivo V21E – An Uncompromising Camera Setup

The Vivo V21E is a high-end smartphone that comes packed with a slew of features. Users love the ability to streamline their information through multiple applications. They can easily do that by accessing Google Maps and turning their smartphones into portable navigation devices. With access to a large database of maps, the Vivo V21E lets users know where they are in real time. They also enjoy the ability to receive traffic information and find out their direction of travel. The phone is also equipped with a high-speed, two-way voice communication system and comes equipped with a standard sized, 16GB flash memory.

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Users are also able to download their Android device to their computer and transfer the data using a USB cable Vivo V21e. From there, the phones’ feature list is composed of a bundle of popular apps such as Yelp, Maps, and Foursquare. Users can connect via Bluetooth to take advantage of a free infrared scanner. Users will then have the ability to see all of the restaurants in their area complete with nutritional information. All of this, for a mere twenty bucks!

While the Vivo V21E has many features, one of the most popular is its Gingerbread OS. Although it is not exactly a rooted operating system, this phone still has the traditional Gingerbread architecture that runs everything from the camera up to the email client. This gives users a smooth experience with a fully functional device. One of the most popular features of this OS is its multi-window feature which allows users to use their finger to tap on an app to open another window.

The phone also features an impressive collection of features, including an interface that is cleaner than any other manufacturer’s smartphones. Users can also enjoy a feature called amoled, which is similar to Sense, but has been adapted specifically for the Verizon Android mobile. Amoled allows users to draw text directly on the screen. This allows for a clean browsing experience, although the text size on the phones may be a bit small. On the plus side, users are able to experience an enhanced keyboard which provides greater control when typing.

With a large 3.5 inch diagonal touch screen, the Vivo v 21E allows for a great viewing experience on a bright, sunny day. The phone also comes standard with a quad-core processor, which is powerful enough to run the latest apps. The phone also offers users access to a large database of apps that can be easily downloaded from the Android Market. There is also support for over a thousand third party apps, which will add to the fun. Users will also find that Google Now is included as an application, which means that Gmail, Google+, and Yahoo will always be ready and waiting on users.

One of the best parts about the Vivo v 21E is its ability to use the secondary camera quite well. Users who need to have an action shot while on the go will be able to achieve this easily. In addition to this, the handset comes standard with a 16 mega pixel camera, which is quite low in resolution, but one that will satisfy most consumers. The Vivo v 21E also offers users full connectivity, including Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, which make it perfect for the urban lifestyle.

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